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Salary & Compensation

We are one of the highest paying districts in the area. We pay 1st year teachers $50,500! Stipends are also offered for specialized fields. Not only that, we also offer bi-monthly pay for support and auxiliary staff.

  • Bilingual Stipend - $4,000

  • Math Stipend - $4,000

  • Science Stipend - $4,000

  • RLA Stipend - $4,000

  • SpEd Stipend - $3,000

Note: Must teach 6 of 8 classes to receive secondary & SpEd stipends.


Savings are huge with our benefit plan

We provide a highly competitive, very affordable, self-funded health insurance plan. Dental, vision, disability, cancer, accident, critical illness, term life insurance, and flexible spending are offered for your family.


Money goes further in Tyler!

According to Best Places, the median cost of a home in Tyler is 38% less expensive than in Dallas, which is a $71,500 difference. The median income in Tyler is 22.3% of the median home value. In Dallas, their median income only covers 16.7% of the median home value.


Your money goes further when living here. That could be the difference between owning a home or renting.


Find a career at Tyler ISD that's right for you. It's easy, we promise.

To see the current openings in each category, select the link below.

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